John C. Flournoy

Harvard University
Postdoctoral fellow
Stress and Development Lab

Developmental Social Neuroscience Lab
Personality and Social Dynamics Lab
R Club
Prevention Science Institute
Center for Translational Neuroscience
Lifespan approaches to Neuropsychiatric Disorders Lab

I’m currently a postdoc with Kate McLaughlin’s Stress and Development lab at Harvard University. I came here by way of the PhD program at the University of Oregon, and a BA at the University of California, Berkeley. My academic life has been grounded in supportive and productive collaborations with folks you can meet if you follow some of these links.

My substantive interests, broadly speaking, are in understanding (1) how social motivations that are especially relevant during adolescence shape decisions that are relevant to health and wellbeing, and (2) the dynamics of stress and mental health during adolescence.

I have a soft spot, and a knack for methodology that has stretched my research involvement into the developmental cognitive neuroscience of risk-taking and affective processing, as well as lifespan development of personality and values. In my own work, and in supporting other researchers, I’ve drawn on a wide range of techniques of quantitative inference, including multi-level and structural equation modeling (especially of longitudinal data), cognitive computational modeling, functional magnetic resonance imaging of task and resting state, and correlational network analysis.

I’m a huge fan of R and Stan.

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